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What is New Heritage of Giving?
A New Heritage of Giving is an initiative to promote philanthropy, civic involvement and volunteering among Asian Americans. Sponsored by the Asian American Federation, this initiative connects our community assets with our community needs to grow financial resources necessary to build vital community institutions. Though our population, talents, success and wealth have never been greater, there is still much more we can do, individually and collectively, to help Asian Americans still in need so they may also prosper and contribute to this country.

What are our goals?

  • A healthy, safe community for all our elders
  • A more accepting, open society for our children
  • Quality education for all our youth
  • Fairness and opportunity for our immigrants
  • A politically empowered and informed voice for our concerns
  • Celebration of our cultures, histories and ongoing contributions
We can realize such goals by growing a community of Asian American donors and volunteers who can demonstrate, through resources and actions, to the broader U.S. public what we feel is most important for a thriving, civil society.


What is New Heritage of Giving?
What are our goals?
What are our activities?
How can I be involved?
What are the New Heritage of Giving activities?
One way we promote philanthropy is by informing the public of the most pressing issues Asian Americans face. Through New Heritage of Giving, the Federation offers short informal presentations, longer seminars and interactive workshops to Asian American groups, associations and nonprofit boards in the New York Metropolitan Area. These programs stimulate discussion and problem-solving about important community issues and inform participants how they can get more involved.

These programs feature important philanthropists, policy experts and nonprofit leaders, and can be offered at regular meetings, informal get-togethers or annual events. We can also custom-tailor these philanthropy seminars for a wide range of audiences including:

  • civic groups and membership associations
  • parents' associations of language and culture schools
  • professional or business associations
  • corporate employee networks
  • alumni groups
  • private events/house receptions
  • other groups interested in improving conditions for the Asian American community through philanthropy
Sample programs include:
  • From Mutual Aid to Fortune 500: the story of Asian American philanthropy
  • Increasing the impact of your donations: the tax benefits of charitable vehicles
  • Asian American Elders in New York City: a landmark study
  • Tribute and Remembrance: a powerful documentary on Asian Americans after 9/11
  • One Year After September 11th: an economic impact study of Chinatown
  • Census 2000: public policy implications and community impact
  • A New Heritage of Giving: how to get involved, give back and invest in our future

How can I request A New Heritage of Giving speaker for my group?
If you would like to get involved or want to learn more about these programs, please e-mail us at info@asianamericanphilanthropy.org.

Note: Multi-ethnic programs are also available in partnership with Hispanic Federation and The Twenty-First Century Foundation through our involvement with the Coalition of New Philanthropy.

Read more about the Coalition in its newly published Building Bridges to Communities of Color Toolkit.